How does it work?


Search the Bible at home with the help of the questions and uncover treasures about Jesus you didn’t know were there!


Share your treasures about Jesus with friends online or offline as they share theirs with you! Reflect together on how this might change your lives.


Listen to a talk which wraps it all up and helps you respond to God’s Word, living it out week by week.


Read a commentary which takes your mind deeper and challenges your heart again.


Love, care and be cared for in a group of people who are learning to love as Jesus loved.

CBS is special to me because it holds me accountable to study the Bible personally but also gives me the opportunity to discuss what I learn with others and learn from them. I love it!
CBS helps bring the Bible to life for me, it helps me understand it and apply it to my everyday life.
For quite some time now, I have been very aware that I don't know the Bible as much as I feel I should. Yes, I read it, but not often enough, and recently it came to me that in order to further my journey with Jesus, I really must get down to more detailed learning of His word. So I joined Community Bible study, not knowing what to expect. I felt at ease in the first week. It is amazing to hear all the different views on the passage we are studying. I am among friends who can teach me so much, and I thank God for His love in a group.
CBS gives me focus in my life with the Lord, awakens the grace that He has given me, keeps my focus on who, what and why I love Jesus.
CBS offers me the opportunity to study the Bible in depth. I especially appreciate receiving the thoughts and experiences of other members of my group. As I go deeper into God’s word, my faith and my passion for serving Christ grows stronger.
I like the way CBS brings the message of the passage you study right into the present and makes you consider its implications for your own life.
CBS is a tool that opens a treasure box to regular Bible reading and fellowship. Once in this box, I am always surprised and amazed at how I am given so many different gems.
I was displaced and homeless... and now I am at home!
I find our CBS Zoom group an absolutely beautiful, very welcoming and rewarding experience. Studying the Bible in small portions in a lovely, easy to understand way strengthens my faith, builds new friendships and helps me to know and love our God better.
I came for the cake... and stayed for the bread of life.