They just want more

Bible stories combine with memory verses and prayer so that the youngest children can begin to engage with God’s Word and learn to love it and come back again and again! The ‘take away’ papers mean that family can support the learning and build on it during the week.

The Teacher’s Guide supports the leader with extensive ideas for telling a story. It also includes games, craft, a memory verse and prayer and all you need to create a structured time of learning with little ones. The additional learning section helps you ready the little ones for the next stage in their learning.

Sample of Level 1 material

They are learning about who Jesus is, they have made friends, they pray out loud and worship in song. In addition, the structure of the sessions provides a safe atmosphere and toddlers are calm, even the smallest ones lying down with their prayer blankets to pray! - London group
Thanks all! The toddlers love the CBS routine and [the parents] love their son having structured kid’s work as opposed to ‘playtime only.’ Toddlers talk more, pray independently and show real understanding of stories and concepts… It’s working!
- Lydia, Lincoln
We have used the Level 1-Preschool CBS material as part of our Sunday morning children’s work and we have been amazed at how much the little ones take in and even from such an early age they can remember the memory verses. We feel that having the structure has helped the babies to settle more easily and we love the craft manual as it is perfect for each of the age groups and so varied. Thanks so much for all your input and ideas!
- Alison, Bristol
We started the Level 1 Preschool programme to bring structure to our crèche group during services. We faced some concern from parents who thought that the children would not be able to concentrate for that length of time or would have problems learning at that age. We have found that the opposite is true!
- London group